[Future Store] Instore touchscreens – a new benchmark set by Mc Donald’s

Nevertheless if you like Mc Donald’s or not – this is definitely something to look at! Probably some of you could already see it at other locations?

While I entered the McDonald’s (Hohenems Austria) last Saturday I was surprised: There weren’t long queues in front of the payment terminals. Instead, a lot of people were standing in the middle of the hall waiting for their food or just next to XXL-touchscreens, shaped like oversized iPhones.


After a few seconds – I decided to give it a try!

The first touch on the screen gives you a selection of  your food category – worked smoothly! The response of the touch screen was excellent! The visual design: clean and clear. The user flow to select my chicken nuggets with two different kind of sauces was fluid and logic. The payment worked from scratch. I got a printed purchase receipt right after my payment with a big order number on it. The central information screen shows all the orders: Either „order in production“ or „order ready for pick up“.

And now – what is the innovation? This is is just another touchscreen solution!

No it’s far more: I got fascinated about the system and started to take pictures to tell my experiences to my colleagues at Namics. The restaurant manager got to know my interest and started to talk with me. Ding so, he gave me some interesting insights:

  1. Food fells fresher then ever: There is no stock for food in the back of the cashiers anymore – all burger are served right after making them. Probably my hottest Big mac ever :).
  2. Transparency: The order process is fast and you know how much waiting is left.
  3. Adaption rate: They installed several self service terminals in the last couple of years – this time it’s different: People adopt it because it looks like an big iPhone!
  4. Job rotation: Less cashiers at the payment terminals means more people doing your burgers!
  5. Mutual support: People standing around help each other to get trough the orders.

My Conclusion

A  massive efficiency step forward for Mc Donald’s. This potentially big efficiency improvement in combination with a better user experience is excellent! I’m sure this new system bring also more people and traffic to their existing Mobile App. People might realize that ordering on a touch screen – either big or very small (smartphone) – isn’t that complicated!