UIKonf – iOS Conference Review

Tickets are sold out almost instantaneously – UIKonf is a well-known iOS developer conference. The time you buy tickets, the speakers and topics are still unknown or at least unpublished.

My colleague Tobias Baube and myself were luckily enough to make it to Berlin this year.

Conference Goals

In our opinion, participating in a conference has three major goals.

  1. Learning
  2. Socializing
  3. Get to know a new location

First of all, every participant is keen on learning something new. That’s why there’s a wide variety of talks. But listening to the speakers is not everything. The socializing part is at least as much important as the talks are. To emphasise that, the conference starts with a welcome party. This is where you meet other iOS developers from all around the world (really!). Almost everyone is a techie. There’s a great chance to meet a bunch of interesting people, either devs from products you love or well-known companies. It was a great pleasure to meet Jan Schwebel there, a former Namics employee. We did not know from each other that we will join the conference, so it really was a big surprize.

Between presentations were many large coffee breaks to enable even more conversation between the conference attendants.

Last but not least, visiting the conference in Berlin gave us the chance to learn to know a new city. To be honest, we found ourselves not much comfortable in this incredible big city, travelling long distances in either the subway metro or by bus. Still, we got some mandatory photographs :)


Conference Talks

UIKonf im Heimathafen Berlin

Slide decks

Most of the speakers grant access to their presentations. The slidedeck links can be found directly on the UIKonf website: http://www.uikonf.com/schedule/

Recorded talks

UIKonf Youtube Channel


Some varia notes worth mentioning :)

  • Food and drinks are vegan and Bio there. Seems to be some hipster style behaviour. Nice lemonade, and especially roasted coffee, provided by companion coffee was all included in the conference ticket fee.
  • There was fantastic live captioning. We haven’t seen anything like that before. The captions are also included in the youtube videos. Thanks to @whitecoatcapxg
  • Staff member Maxim Zaks did a great job in filling the gaps between two speakers. Every new speaker had enough time to calmly setup, because Maxim knew how to keep the crowd sticking to the stage. Funniest thing was a spontaneously created twitter account, which requested him to sing. So, many attendants then followed this account – and in the end there was no way around to perform a song :)

Thank you

We are very grateful and would like to thank the whole UIKonf crew for their great effort in organizing this conference. Well done! We had great pleasure and recommend others to attend it too.

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