Our Favourite Summer Apps

What does the Namic’s Mobile Business Apps team do during summertime? Of course the same as always. They stare into their smartphones and test the newest apps on the market. We would like to make good use of this load of mobile knowledge. Therefore we want to present our team-internal favourite summer apps to you.


Bade Äpp

Dani lives at the Rhein in Schaffhausen. In the summer months the cooling-down in the river is close by. He can check in the Bade Äpp how refreshing the water of the Rhein really is. The app shows the temperature of different river sections in Switzerland. Thanks to that, Dani will never be surprised by cold water.

Bade Äpp – iOS & Bade Äpp – Android


Before Max leaves the house during summer time he needs to know if he can wear short pants or if long pants or even a jacket are necessary. Thanks to BeeWi he does not have to go out of the house to check the current temperature. He starts the BeeWi app that is connected to indoor and outdoor sensors in and around his house. These sensors provide Max with temperature and humidity.



Also Nino wants to know what the weather outdoor is like. He does not use sensors but his favorite weather forecast app called WeatherPro. The app provides a good overview of wind, rain, sunshine and temperature forecast for any region of the world. Thanks to the app he will never be surprised by sudden rain.

WeatherPro – iOS & WeatherPro – Android


Last weekend the Super League, the professional football league in Switzerland, started its season. As Philipp is not able to watch the game at the stadium he follows the victory of the FC St. Gallen on the app Forza. The app shows football results from all over the world. No matter if you are interested in the Ekstraklasa in Poland, the Primera Division in Peru or a friendly between the Chemnitzer FC and SK Dynamo Ceske Budejovice, on Forza you will find every result.

Forza – iOS & Forza – Android


We stick to sports. Enno likes to ride his bike. And he is such a good cyclist that he reached the world famous Alpe d’Huez about two weeks in front of the Tour de France professionals. When he goes for a ride one thing must not be missing. His smartphone with the Strava app. It tracks and analyses all his rides. Kilometres, difference in altitude, average speed and many other key figures are presented to tired Enno after the long bike rides.

Strava – iOS & Strava – Android

Call a Bike

Instead of going up to the Alpe d’Huez, Nino prefers to ride his bike in the city of Frankfurt to avoid bad car traffic. He sometimes rents a bicycle by the Deutsche Bahn. There are rental bikes spread over all bigger German cities. With the Call a Bike app Nino can find the closest bikes, make reservations and check his user profile.

Call a Bike – iOS & Call a Bike – Android


As soon as the Mobile Business App team goes to the after work beer Philipp has his Untappd app ready. At the bar he checks in the beer and gives his rating. Thanks to a gamification approach he has earned many badges during the last hot and beer-friendly weeks. According to his user profile he had 60 different types of beer since September 2014.

Untappd – iOS & Untappd – Android

Plan to Eat

When the weather is hot and sunny in Belgrade, Catherine likes to cook fresh summer meals. To plan shopping and cooking her meals she uses Plan to Eat. The Plan to Eat website is optimised for mobile phones and tablets. Catherine likes it because she can add any recipe to her recipe collection. From there she can drag the meals to her calendar and plan her shopping trips so that she will not forget any ingredients.

Plan to Eat

What is your favourite summer app?

Now it’s up to you? What is the app you can’t live without in summer? Which app is your companion during hot summer days and warm summer nights? Share your favourite app with us and the community in the comments below!

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